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Cherokee County Administrative Staff Directory

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Below is a list of Cherokee County's Administrative employees, their role, and contact information.

Steve Bratton County Administrator steve.bratton@cherokeecountysc.com 864-487-2560
Junie Parker Administrative Assistant junie.parker@cherokeecountysc.com 864.902.2259
Doris Pearson Clerk to Council doris.pearson@cherokeecountysc.com 864.902.2252
Tim Spencer Chairman, District 4 doris.pearson@cherokeecountysc.com  864-487-7015
Lyman Dawkins, III District 1 lymandawkins@gmail.com  864-490-0733
Michael Fowlkes District 2 fowlkes.cherokee2@gmail.com  864-812-2425
Quay Little Vice Chairman, District 3 quay.little@cherokeecountysc.com  864-487-7681
Charles Mathis District 5 doris.pearson@cherokeecountysc.com  864-489-9960
David Smith District 6 david.smith@cherokeecountysc.com   864-490-7522
Tracy McDaniel District 7 doris.pearson@cherokeecountysc.com   864-839-4758