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Child Support Information

The Cherokee County Child Support Office can direct deposit the child support funds directly into your bank account and we can also draft funds from your financial institution. If you are interested please download the following:


Submit BOTH forms and a copy of your Drivers License to the address below.


Direct Deposit & Credit/Debit Authorization Form 


Payments can also be mailed to: 

Cherokee County Support Office
PO Drawer 2289
Gaffney, SC  29342
Phone: 864-487-2577
Fax: 864-902-1112
Kaelyn Dunagin Family Court Clerk kaelyn.dunagin@cherokeecountysc.com
Macie Cashion Support Clerk macie.cashion@cherokeecountysc.com
Christine Moss Support Clerk christine.moss@cherokeecountysc.com
Heather Yonkoske Family Court Docket Clerk heather.yonkoske@cherokeecountysc.com
 Donna Millen Support Clerk donna.millen@cherokeecountysc.com