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Cherokee County




The Cherokee County Veterans Affairs Office can assist with the following:

  • Respond to inquiries regarding the veterans benefits.
  • Inform veterans, families, and survivors of benefits through the community outreach programs.
  • Initiate and process veterans' claims for benefits.
  • Inform veterans on South Carolina free tuition programs.
  • We travel to veterans’ homes for people that are unable to come to our office.

Programs and Benefits:

  • Assist in the filing of South Carolina veterans nursing homes applications.
  • Update and maintain the Cherokee County veterans roster.
  • Coordinate with the South Carolina Office of Veterans Affairs in Columbia about appeals and hearings veterans have.
  • Assist in transportation to the Veterans Medical Centers and community outreach clinics throughout South Carolina and the VA Medical Center in Asheville, North Carolina.

Section 25-11-10 of the South Carolina Code states that the Office of Veterans Affairs shall assist all ex-service personnel, regardless of wars in which their service may have been rendered, in filing, presenting. and prosecuting to final determination of all claims which they have for money compensation, hospitalization, training, and insurance benefits under the terms of federal legislation. These services are extended to eligible dependents, including parents, widows, children, and orphans of ex-service personnel. The office administers the free tuition program for certain war veterans’ children.