The Cherokee County Delinquent Tax Office is responsible for collecting taxes that are past due for real estate, mobile homes, business and personal property and equipment, boats, motors and airplanes. Taxes are delinquent after March 16 each year.

Payment information:

  • Acceptable payment methods include cash, cashier’s check or money orders. 
  • Credit and debit cards are accepted in the office (fee applies).
  • Personal checks will not be accepted.
  • Most delinquent taxes are payable online at If you do not get an option to “add to cart” please contact us for more information.

Cherokee County has contracted with a third-party collection agency to collect delinquent taxes. American Financial Credit Services (AFCS) specializes in government debt recovery. Delinquent business or personal property tax, mobile home tax, and boat and motor tax may be submitted to AFCS for collection.

Cherokee County Delinquent Tax Office
110 Railroad Ave.
Gaffney, SC 29340

Phone: 864-487-2541
Fax: 864-487-6208

Angie Wilkie, Delinquent Tax Collector
Email: [email protected]

Charlene Horton, Delinquent Tax Clerk
Email: [email protected]

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