The Cherokee County Magistrate’s Office handles civil, criminal and traffic matters.

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Magistrate's Office - Official Page

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Cherokee County Magistrate’s Office
312 E. Frederick St.
Gaffney, SC 29340

Phone: 864-487-2533

Julian Wright, Magistrate

Bart Howell, Magistrate

John B. Cook, Weekend Magistrate

Ted Suppiger, Night Court Magistrate
Mondays through Fridays – 2 to 10 p.m. – Detention Center

Will Cobb, Chief Magistrate (Blacksburg)
Phone: 864-839-2492
Fax: 864-839-3415

Vickie Dickson, Blacksburg Criminal/Civil Court
Phone: 864-839-2492
Fax: 864-839-3415

Tiffany Felkel, DV Court/Preliminary Hearings
Phone: 864-902-2384
Fax: 864-902-8425

Ashley Lovingood, Civil Clerk
Phone: 864-902-2382
Fax: 864-902-8425

Cynthia Montgomery, Traffic Clerk
Phone: 864-902-2386
Fax: 864-902-8425

Redel Frazier, Criminal Clerk & Jury Trial Coordinator
Phone: 864-902-2385
Fax: 864-902-8425

Megan Sorrels, Code Enforcement & Courtesy Summons Court
Phone: 864-902-2383
Fax: 864-902-8425

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