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The Cherokee County Treasurer’s Office takes payment for property taxes, including vehicle taxes. The taxes are calculated by the Cherokee County’s Auditor’s Office.

To search for and view your tax bill, pay your tax bill or get a copy of your receipt, click the Pay Taxes button below. Note: The copy of your receipt that you can print is not a legal document. If you need a receipt that is a legal document (for the DMV, for instance), please call the Treasurer’s Office.

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Pay Taxes

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Property Tax Calculator

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Vehicle Tax Estimator

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Cherokee County Auditor's Office

For more information about vehicle taxes, click here

Cherokee County Treasurer’s Office
110 Railroad Ave.
Gaffney, SC 29340

Hours of Operation
Mondays through Fridays
8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Phone: 864-487-2551
Fax: 864-487-2548

Sheila Carpenter, Treasurer
Email: [email protected]

Scarlet Ramsey-Ham, Deputy Treasurer
Email: [email protected]

Donna Dills, Clerk
Email: [email protected]

Casey Wisher, Clerk
Email: [email protected]

Courtney Abernathy, Clerk
Email: [email protected]

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