You may fill out these forms online or download the PDF, fill it out and email that and any attachments to [email protected].

Legal Residence (4%) and Agricultural Use Exemption FormTo apply for special assessment as legal residence and/or agricultural real property to be valued based on use, please fill out the form above.
In order for your Legal Residence form to be accepted, you must include a copy of a valid driver’s license and your vehicle registration with your new address on it. Forms will not be processed without these items.
Appeal FormProperty owners can request a review of the appraised value of their real estate with this form.PDF
Mailing Address Change FormIf you have changed your address, please fill out and return this form to the Assessor’s Office.PDF
Builders Exemption of New Construction HomesUnder S.C. Code Section 12-37-220(B), residential builders or developers may apply for an exemption on property taxes.PDF
Homeowners Association Discount FormUnder S.C. Code Section 12-43-227, special valuation may apply to Homeowners’ Associations.PDF
ATI 6% Exemption FormUnder S.C. Code Section 12-37-3135, if a property undergoes an assessable transfer of interest (ATI), there is a property tax exemption allowed of an amount of the ATI fair market value of the parcel. To apply for the 25% Exemption Application, please complete this form.PDF
Agricultural Farm Structure ExemptionS.C. Code Section 12-37-220(B)(14) was amended June 2022 allowing an exemption on agricultural farm structures for producers. Please review the attached document to see qualifications. PDF
Developers Multiple Lot DiscountThe South Carolina Code of Laws Section 12-43-225 allow for a discount on the valuation for subdivision lots. Please review and fill out the form to apply for the discount.PDF

Cherokee County Assessor’s Office
110 Railroad Ave.
Gaffney, SC 29340

Hours of Operation
Mondays through Fridays
8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Phone: 864-487-2552
Fax: 864-487-2555
Email: [email protected]

Main Assessor Email
Email: [email protected]

Julie Thomas, Cherokee County Assessor
Email: [email protected]

Kris Batchler, Deputy Assessor
Email: [email protected]

Sandra Price, Administrative Assistant
Email: [email protected]

Sophia Littlejohn, Administrative Assistant
Email: [email protected]

Joseph Patterson Jr., Appraiser
Email: [email protected]

Madison Harvey, Lister
Email: [email protected]

Brice Bolin, Appraiser
Email: [email protected]

Ian Lecroy, Lister
Email: [email protected]

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