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Cherokee County




The Cherokee County Magistrate’s Office handles civil, criminal, and traffic matters.

The Magistrate’s Office 

  • 312 E. Frederick Street
  • Gaffney, SC 29340
  • Phone: 864.487.2533

To Pay Tickets Online please visit: http://www.cherokeemagistrate.com/

Magistrate's Office Employee Contact Information

Julian Wright Chief Magistrate
Bart Howell Magistrate
John B. Cook Weekend Magistrate
David L Clary

Night Court Magistrate

M-F 2:00 - 10:00PM - Dentention Center

Bruce Byars Blacksburg Magistrate
Vickie Campbell Blacksburg Criminal/Civil Court Administrator 
 Ashley Mabry

Criminal Court/Preliminary Hearing Division

Phone: 864.902.2384

Fax: 864.902.8425 

 Crystal Petty

Civil Court Administrator

Phone: 864.902.2383

Fax: 864.902.8425

Cynthia Montgomery

Traffic Court Administrator

Phone: 864.902.2386

Fax: 864.902.8425

Leslie Teague

Criminal Court Administrator

Phone: 864.902.2382

Fax: 864.902.8425 

Redel Frazier

Traffic & Criminal Court

Phone: 864.902.2385

Fax: 864.902.8425